Rachel Hale

Community Manager/ Creative Producer/TV Host

As soon as you enter Rachel Hale‘s apartment in Bloordale village, you can immediately sense a mix of […]

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Arden Wray

Photographer/ Storyteller

The first time I met Arden Wray was at another Dear Seeker Claudia Dey‘s book launch in the […]

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Deborah Moss

Creative Director/ Designer/ Entrepreneur

Moss & Lam is one of Toronto’s most cherished art studios. Their artworks are so far reaching that […]

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Carley Fortune


You may not be familiar with Carley Fortune if you’re not in the publishing world, but you most […]

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Tammy Yiu


Carefully tracking down local dear seekers has been such a pleasure since the launch of this project. When […]

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Lauren Sellen

Floral Designer/Art Director

It seems that we are living in a time when floral design is having its renaissance. A group […]

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Jenny Bird


From small town Elora to Toronto to the world, from selling her jewellery on her kitchen table to […]

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Juli Baker

Shop Keeper/Art Curator/Photographer

On a super snowy day, I carried my recording equipment to the Junction with an extremely excited heart. […]

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Tracy Wan

Writer/ Scent Enthusiast

Tracy Wan has a way with words and has a nose for scents. This Toronto-based writer followed her […]

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Fran Miller


10 years ago when green beauty was not really a thing, natural beauty products just started to surface, […]

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Beth Nicholson Crago

Stylist/Painter/Creative Consultant

There are some women that just stand out from the crowd and attract your attention like a big […]

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Nancy Chen

Creative Strategist/Restauranteur/Conceptor

Born in Massachusetts, raised shortly in Toronto and Ottawa, and then grew up in Hong Kong, this neuroscience […]

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Daniela Bosco

Creative consultant/ Stylist

The first time I met Daniela Bosco was at an instalment hosted by Ewanika– one of the most […]

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Mahro Anfield

Shop Keeper

Mahro is the type of woman who is shy and quite but once you get to know her, […]

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Amber Joliat


The name “Amber Joliat” and “Misfit Studio” seemed to surface overnight just a couple of years ago and […]

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Claudia Dey


I had long heard about Claudia Dey, one of the two best dressed Torontonians, with the other being […]

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Caila Stangl

Art Designer/Director

Caila Stangl is the cofounder and soul of Public Office, a creative and production studio based in Toronto. […]

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Lisa Mok

Creative Director/ Designer

With no job, no plan and no place to live, Lisa Mok packed up her car and drove […]

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Sydney Allen-Ash

Cultural Strategist

Today’s guest is Sydney Allen-Ash. She goes by Syd. Studied Fashion Communication at Ryerson university, Syd has not […]

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Odessa Paloma Parker

Fashion Editor/Content Lead/ Stylist/ DJ

One thing I’ve learnt from all the women I’ve interviewed so far is that as women, we don’t […]

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Tonya Papanikolov

Holistic Nutritionist/Educator

You may have seen Tonya Papanikolov occasionally modelling for independent brands. Her outside beauty is undeniable, but what […]

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Today’s guest is Amanda Shirreffs, a stylist based in Toronto. She is a gem that Toronto is so […]

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Alicia K. Harris

Film Maker/ Set Designer

Alicia K. Harris is a Toronto-based filmmaker, set designer. She sets out to make films that educate and […]

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Emily Ramshaw

Writer/ Content Creator/Marketer

This week’s conversation is between Emily Ramshaw and I…(oh and a second guest). When first I set out […]

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Danielle Suppa

Store Owner/ Designer

With her discerning eyes, curious heart and playful soul, Danielle Suppa, owner of Souvenior Studio, has cultivated a […]

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Erin Klassen

Publisher/ Writer/Community Manager

Do you ever think feelings can be art? Well, Erin Klassen is the living proof. Through her own […]

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Heidi Sopinka

Novelist/ Fashion Designer

From a bush cook in the Yukon to a helicopter pilot; from a travel magazine editor in Singapore […]

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Randi Bergman


Randi Bergman is a Toronto-based freelance writer, editor currently contributing to a wide range of publications and magazines, […]

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Mackenzie Sehl

Entrepreneur/ Brand Strategist

Mackenzie Sehl is the co-founder of KOTN,  a Toronto-based fashion label that offers everyday essentials directly sourced from the […]

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Alyssa Bertram

Entrepreneur/ Women's Whisper

Alyssa Bertram is the founder of EASY Period. Her curiosity and background in research has led her to […]

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Stefanie Ayoub

Fashion Designer/ Illustrator

Stefanie Ayoub is a fashion designer/illustrator and owner of Boneset Studio, a Toronto based bespoke design studio. She has […]

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