Amber Joliat


The name “Amber Joliat” and “Misfit Studio” seemed to surface overnight just a couple of years ago and since then, it’s been producing a consistently concise yet compelling response: “She is amazing!” and “You HAVE TO try her classes!”

I have to admit, first, I wasn’t convinced. Who is Amber that Toronto seems to be so obsessed with? What is so magical about her classes that everyone keeps talking about?  What does it mean to mix dance, yoga and pilates (how can it even be a thing)?  My curiosity led me to Mr. Google and eventually to pages of articles written about Amber and the Misfit Studio she founded back in 2010.

After reading many interviews and write-ups, I became more intrigued and funny yet, more skeptical. How can such an amusing and enchanting woman exist in the real world? Until… I finally got the chance to meet Amber in person at a panel discussion hosted by KOTN earlier this year.

Amber’s soft-spoken, well-articulated, fruitful words can really melt your heart and re-awaken your soul. Not kidding! She has this magical and magnetic energy and vibrancy that makes you wonder: Is she real? Or maybe she is an earth angel?  So, the rumor WAS right! The obsession now makes total sense.

Sitting on the couch with Amber in her equally magical home, she shares her childhood memories of being in love with dancing and drawing; talks about the art of language; and how to live and work with a more spiritual, purposeful perspective. She calls it: Practise the art of presence.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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