Arden Wray

Photographer/ Storyteller

The first time I met Arden Wray was at another Dear Seeker Claudia Dey‘s book launch in the Gladstone Hotel. Although our exchange that night was quite brief, I had a strong drive to reach out to have a deeper conversation with her.

I knew OF Arden before that first encounter. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Arden’s work, she is a Toronto-based Photographer who specializes in portraits. Her work has appeared in some of most cherished publications, like The New York Times, British Vogue, while she has been commissioned by many indie fashion labels to bring their visions to life. Arden’s photos have this magical power to connect you with the subjects you inherently may have nothing in common with.

Travelling between Toronto and New York, Arden is using her lens to capture two things she is most fascinated by- people and places. The stories she is trying to tell are lingering among the past, the present and the future yet all rooted in human connections. Arden feels a deep sense of responsibility for the images she is putting out in the world.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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