Caila Stangl

Art Designer/Director

Caila Stangl is the cofounder and soul of Public Office, a creative and production studio based in Toronto. At a time when nothing in sight was visually thrilling, PO caught my attention. I visited their beautiful studio in the Artscape Youngplace building on a sunny day and had a pleasant conversation with Caila and Lindsay (the other cofounder).

Besides bringing good vibes and fresh takes into the design world in Canada, they’ve been doing some big things quietly- working with international elite clients like Roots Canada, Starbucks and other local beloved brands, such as Jenny Bird, Golden Ticket Candy.

During our chat, Caila shares the small yet pivotal moment for her career; walks us through her first nerve-racking client pitch experience as a freelancer and how she eventually overcomes that fear of “selling herself”; and talks about how to manage to be stimulated and inspired yet stay focused?

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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