Daniela Bosco

Creative consultant/ Stylist

The first time I met Daniela Bosco was at an instalment hosted by Ewanika– one of the most elegant boutiques in Toronto, to celebrate Daniela as an extraordinary woman who has inspired the shop owner Trish. During the night, we exchanged thoughts on what it means to be a modern woman and what it means to be a woman in the modern world – yes, these two are quite different. And by the end of the night, I was totally under her spell. So much so that after the night, I had to stalk her on Instagram and eventually asked her for a coffee date.

Being a Creative Consultant/Stylist who is very much in demand and travels often and far, Daniela doesn’t let her work define her. She insists on working with her own pace, slowly but steadily. But this realization didn’t come easily. Right after closing her much beloved store- Chasse Gardée, Daniela became incredibly sick. This turmoil journey was probably one of the most painful and difficult times in her life but yet has helped her gain clarity and reach back to who she once was- a tender yet strong feminist. 

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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