Deborah Wang

Curator/DesignerArchitect/Artist/Community Builder

It’s quite difficult to define what Deborah Wang actually does.

To introduce her as one, two, or even three professional titles would neglect her ability of spreading her wings further. She completed a Master of Architecture in University of Waterloo and Master of Fine Arts at OCAD; worked as a senior designer at Toronto’s Architecture and Design firm Superkül; and beyond that, she has built  DesignTO – an annual art and design festival, alongside a group of dedicated friends.

Before interviewing Deborah, I was quite amazed and curious about how she makes all of these projects possible. After our conversation, it has become pretty clear. Her perspective on life and death has liberated her to be someone who takes on projects that interest her at the moment. She doesn’t plan very ahead. Instead, she chooses to immerse herself into meaningful projects, one at a time.

Deborah lives a fulfilled and meaningful life, one that continues to evolve.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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