Emily Ramshaw

Writer/ Content Creator/Marketer

This week’s conversation is between Emily Ramshaw and I…(oh and a second guest).

When first I set out to interview Emily, I had a pretty decent sense of what we would be chatting about: Like how she landed her first real job as the Assistant Fashion News Editor for Flare Magazine at the age of 22, her glamorous life as the Senior Editor for The Convetour in New York, what brought her back to Toronto, and what compelled her to take the freelance gig as the Country Lead for Bumble Canada.

We chatted about all that. But what also ended up unfolding was an organic conversation about her experience going to an all-girl high school, the transition from working for a big publication to a fashion start-up, the double-edged sword of being someone always looking forward, and so much more.

Emily is definitely not one of those addicted to comfort. Quite the opposite actually. Although she probably thinks luck has a lot to do with her success, I believe her courage to always challenge herself and the strength to embrace the unknown have mostly contributed to where she is today.

Listen to Emily’s playlist HERE.

Photos by Vai Yu Law