Erin Klassen

Publisher/ Writer/Community Manager

Do you ever think feelings can be art? Well, Erin Klassen is the living proof.

Through her own independent publishing company Without Pretend, Erin has not only created a platform for emerging female-identified writers and visual artists, but has also nurtured a safe space for women (through both books and offline events) to express their feelings and to get in touch with their intuition.

Her new book Happy If you Know It tackles the question of “what does it mean to trust your intuition” with a mix of poetry, essays, confessions, photography and art contributed by 15 women. Besides self publishing and collaborating, Erin also works as the community manager at Etsy Canada- communicating and helping sellers every day.

In our conversation, Erin shares what are the practical questions we need to start with when looking inwards; how we can let our feelings help navigate the ups, the downs and heartbreaks and how to juggle a side hustle with a full-time job.

Styled by Sasha Xiao.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

Erin is wearing Mickey Mouse Denim Jacket, Vintage Top, Green Silk Dress, Burgundy Velvet Dress from Mama Loves You Vintage. She is also wearing the Blue Pleated Skirt by Anthropologie.