Fran Miller


10 years ago when green beauty was not really a thing, natural beauty products just started to surface, and luxury hand-blend beauty lines were nowhere to be found, Fran was experimenting in her basement with ingredients from health food stores – Not for anyone else, but to combat with her own skin problems.

A few years later when she was bouncing back and forth between high-end retail and wholesale with no self- fulfillment, Fran had a now-or-never moment and decided to give this beauty line a try. With her curiosity at heart and spectacular sensibility, her namesake skincare line F. Miller has since gained recognition from many major publications such as Vogue, The File, Into The Gloss, and Monocle just to name a few. Outside of publications, F. Miller has been spotted on many IT girls’ bathroom counters and top shelves.

Fran is set out to bridge the gap between luxury and natural skincare and to redefine what handmade beauty products can mean. She is not just selling bottles of skincare products, but rather marrying all the things she is personally interested and expressing that through her beauty line.

Inside Fran’s house where the old seamlessly mingles with the new, we chat about her high school crush, her humble beginning, and her next moves for F. Miller.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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