Heidi Sopinka

Novelist/ Fashion Designer

From a bush cook in the Yukon to a helicopter pilot; from a travel magazine editor in Singapore to an architecture publication editor in Toronto; from an environmental columnist at the Globe to the co-founder/designer of a cult following fashion label- Horses Atelier, Heidi Sopinka has lived a life full of surprises and detours but leading to the right direction. Now looking back, writing has always been a thread connecting all the dots.

The idea of her novel – the Dictionary of Animal Languages was born 12 years ago, but was being fermented all these years and didn’t get published till recently.

Heidi has a rich story to tell. Pour a glass of wine and immerse yourself into our conversation.

Heidi is wearing Belted Field Suit ,  Front Pleat Dress, and High- Waisted Trousers from Horses Atelier. Hat, belt and white blouse are all vintage finds.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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