Juli Baker

Shop Keeper/Art Curator/Photographer

On a super snowy day, I carried my recording equipment to the Junction with an extremely excited heart. I’ve been to Mjölk many times as a customer, but have only been able to admire owners Juli and John’s astonishing home from a distance. Located right above the shop, their home has been featured in publications like the Kinfolk Home, Azure.

In 2009 when the aesthetic of Scandinavia wasn’t taking the internet by storm and when the similarities of Scandinavian and Japanese design and philosophy weren’t yet recognized by the masses, Juli and John were already on the path of building this sanctuary space stocked with carefully considered objects, furnitures and antiques. Not only that, through their in-house magazine and occasional exhibitions, Juli and John are also offering their customers a way of conscious living.

Working in sync with her husband John Baker, Juli is bringing her previous experiences with art curation, photography and publishing, except this time, all on her own terms.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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