Lauren Sellen

Floral Designer/Art Director

It seems that we are living in a time when floral design is having its renaissance. A group of florists around the world is not afraid to push boundaries and is literally flourishing on Instagram. One of our very own, Lauren Sellen, creative mind behind Coyote Flowers, is amongst this new wave. She not only has worked with cult-following brands like Glossier, collaborated with other disciplinary artists on fascinating editorials, but has also established a group of like-mined clientele who embraces unconventional beauty.

Lauren has a lot of emotions. She admits that. And she expresses her emotional intension through her art. While nature is her canvas, flower is the extension of her body, her soul and her brush stroke.

From Winnipeg to Ottawa to Toronto and now in Hamilton, Lauren has been seeking peacefulness. She is getting close.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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