Mahro Anfield

Shop Keeper

Mahro is the type of woman who is shy and quite but once you get to know her, her world is like a “Russian Doll” that has layers under layers.

In December 2012, at the age of 22, Mahro bravely signed a retail lease of one of the most prime locations on Queen st. West. Nearly 6 years later, her shop Mama Loves You has not only become a must-visit attraction for international tourists who seek for hidden gems in Toronto, but has also gained its popularity among many locals, including some of the women we feature, such as our first guest, Stefanie Ayoub– owner of Boneset Studio, and the most recent feature, Amber Joliat– creator of the Misfit Studio.

Ever since being introduced to the world of vintage by her mom, Mahro has nurtured a genuine enthusiasm for the rare, the exotic, the colourful, and the old. Visiting her apartment was such an eye-opening and amusing experience. Sitting on the couch with Mahro beside all the artwork painted by her parents, we chat about her memory of being taken to value village and hidden antique shops, share our takes on fast fashion, and eventually bond over true crime documentaries.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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