Nancy Chen

Creative Strategist/Restauranteur/Conceptor

Born in Massachusetts, raised shortly in Toronto and Ottawa, and then grew up in Hong Kong, this neuroscience graduate has been stretching her interests and experiences far and wide over plenty of cities and multiple industries. After working as an event producer/promoter in Shanghai, Nancy came back to Toronto and co-founded Mansion- a music promotion and event planning group that produced Toronto’s most unique and desirable events.

After exiting the music scene, Nancy didn’t stop dreaming. In three years, she has created three restaurants- from German street eats to authentic Chinese. Now, when Nancy is not busy making sure all the food is up to her standard at SO SO food club, she would be strategizing award-winning campaigns at Sid Lee. When she is not solving problems at work, she might be conceptualizing her next big idea.

Indeed, she is a busy woman- with smart ideas and big ambitions, but she never makes her move blindly. Utilizing her science background with an extremely creative heart, Nancy can’t get enough of bringing unique concepts to life and creating experiences that are hard to ignore and forget.

Before sitting on the couch with Nancy in her beautiful Loft, I paid a visit to SO SO just to make sure the food is truly authentic. And yes, I was impressed. For the first time, I was proud of my own cuisine- the kind of food I grew up with, crave for every weekend, and cannot live without. Being a rebel with a strategic plan, artistic heart, and cause in mind, Nancy is set out to bring real Chinese food made from scratch and of the best ingredients to Toronto.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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