Nicole Campbell

Nature Wine Connoisseur/Entrepreneur

Just like the company she co-created, Nicole Campbell is whimsical, humorous, witty, and fun. 

Through Grape Witches, she intents to make nature wine approachable and available.  They have a monthly nature wine delivery service, they host the most desirable and whimsical art parties, they consult at private events, like birthdays and wedding receptions, and they also host educational sessions spreading knowledge about nature wine.  

Having worked in the wine and hospitality industry for years, Nicole has learnt a lot about what she loves, and what she doesn’t about this industry. She loves nature wine, obviously, its producers around the world and the makers behind each bottle, but she gets quite turned off by how pretentious, exclusive, and male dominated this industry can be. So, she and her partner Krista Oben are here to change that. 

Influenced by her dad, a restaurant and wine importing powerhouse in the country, Nicole had to find her own identity and curved out the path that speaks to who she really is.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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