Sydney Allen-Ash

Cultural Strategist

Today’s guest is Sydney Allen-Ash. She goes by Syd.

Studied Fashion Communication at Ryerson university, Syd has not only nurtured a passion for local and independent designs, but has also developed an understanding of people and culture through clothing. Prior to working as a Cultural Strategist at Virtue – an advertising agency under VICE, Syd acquired her interests in photography and worked with local boutiques like Ewanika and Nomad.

During our conversation, I learnt about Syd’s rape trauma and the catalyst for her healing. She shares her takes on what it means to be a powerful woman and the connection between woman and power; she opens up her decision process of shaving her head and how this has helped shaping her identity and improving her self-esteem; and she expresses why lacking an identity could be a curse and a blessing for countries like Canada.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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