Tammy Yiu


Carefully tracking down local dear seekers has been such a pleasure since the launch of this project. When discovered an intriguing woman in the city, I’m always like a little kid in a candy store. On a rare occasion, someone would introduce me to a potential guest who they think might be a great fit, but in today’s case, it was a husband who DM me on Instagram to recommend his wife, Tammy Yiu.

After connected with Tammy, I knew I had to bring this woman on board. Working as a freelance designer, Tammy co-founded Partial in 2015 hoping to make great art discoverable and accessible. She feels a deep sense of responsibility to her community of artists and has a strong desire to create this platform as a support system for artists, a discovery channel for art seekers, and an inspirational space for people who are not yet into buying art. Tammy is fuelled with positive and kindred spirit.

Sitting down on her kitchen table in her open loft at the borderline of Parkdale and Roncesvalles, we chat about her childhood years growing up in Oakville; the things she learnt from her successful entrepreneurial father; and the importance and evitability of pivoting.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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