Tonya Papanikolov

Holistic Nutritionist/Educator

You may have seen Tonya Papanikolov occasionally modelling for independent brands. Her outside beauty is undeniable, but what makes her even more loveable is her strong ties to nutrition, nature, and holistic beauty. Being the brain and facilitator behind her community The Well Woman, Tonya hopes to inspire and encourage modern women to take a slowed-down, in-depth, and holistic approach towards wellness and beauty. She hosts workshops, consultations and experimental dinners, and also has an interview series on her website Good Morning Interviews that lets readers peak into the lives of women who know the power of ritual during the sacred morning hours.

During out chat, Tonya walks us through her journey from nutrition to fashion and then back to nutrition; she talks about what a healthy relationship with money looks like; and she shares the method that she has been practising to help her release emotions.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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