Tracy Wan

Writer/ Scent Enthusiast

Tracy Wan has a way with words and has a nose for scents. This Toronto-based writer followed her parents’ wish by going to Architecture school but then followed her own heart by dropping out.

It doesn’t take long to realize Tracy’s spectacular ability to articulate words, thoughts and feelings. Using this superpower of hers, Tracy managed to write for a living, which comes unsurprisingly as a surprise to her parents.

Running a passion project Invisible Stories alongside her day job, Tracy is set out to debunk the myths of perfuming making by featuring independent perfumers who came upon the craft the unconventional way and exploring our relationships with scents through memory, language and travel. To know her is to love her. Sitting in her charismatic apartment, we smelled some perfumes she made, dived deep into her memories as a kid, and explored the world of scents.

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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